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Map 6 Garrison bug

As if there arent’ enough enemies to fight at the Garrison-here is the mysterious floating gun bug HERE


PreRelease makes ModDb Headlines

SM PreRelease news around the Globe



Eastern (my personal favorite)

公式サイト and that is how you spell StriderMountain


Belgium…? I think or German!

SM PreRelease ranks 2 of 8,776

PreRelease Trailer

Thanks to David Mason at StainofMind for the original music.
Thanks to Phillip Marlowe at PlanetPhillip for the voice acting.

PreRelease announcement on PlanetPhillip

The StriderMountain team announces a Pre-Release: The first 5 of 15 total levels.
Why the decision to do a pre-release of the first 5 levels instead of waiting to release the entire 15 level mod?
The simple answer: We want to give you something to play NOW while we optimize the other 10 levels.
The technical answer: The reason for the PreRelease is b/c we had too many issues with the EP2 codes and decided to go back to HL2 codes. This decision, although the right one, has significantly delayed a full release. Since maps 1-5 are done now, we decided to PreRelease them to the community. You will only need HL2 to play StriderMountain.

SM Ranks 3 of 8,366 mods

The December ModDB update (A Portal, a Podcast and a Poll) saw StriderMountain surge to a rank of 3 out of 8,366. The site has also had 37,262 member visits. Many thanks.

Cutscene with Laptop

Cutscene showing the laptop download

a Portal, a Podcast and a Poll

ModDB December 2008 update

In the highly unlikely event that the mountain would ever be taken by enemy forces, the combine developed a complex exit strategy. One last highly secretive, heavily secured sector built to serve as the final escape route. With the mountain destroyed behind you, this is the only route available for escape…
The final map for StriderMountain EXIT PORTAL with 12 new screens.

Our friend Phillip Marlowe over at has co-developed PODCAST17 a weekly podcast that covers the latest news, reviews, interviews, gossip, rumours, websites, maps, mods, media releases and anything else related to the Half-Life universe. We were invited for a live interview and reveal some insights into StriderMountain. The SM interview begins at the 45:00 timeframe of the podcast. You can hear the INTERVIEW HERE.

and a POLL.
As we prepare for release, it’s time to develop the walkthrough for StriderMountain. So, we got to thinking about what format is most is preferred: written or video. We need you to cast your vote. Visit stridermountain where we have set up a a one (1) question poll. Please take about 10 seconds to answer. Many thanks. POLL HERE

Zombies Behaving Badly

Cutscene where zombies refuse to move

And with a little bug fixing, they now behave properly