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A little music for the website

I have always liked the music player on
I have always wanted one for SM as a way to showcase the music of David Mason. I tried several players but finally decided on the player from Premium Beat. PB is a freeware program so many thanks to them. Well, I finally figured out how to code one into the SM website.


StriderMountain Trailer 4 of 4

Here is the final trailer. Although it was developed by 9/26/08, it wouldn’t be released until DATE
The music was composed by David Mason at Stain of Mind

USA Wins the 2008 Ryder Cup

What does this have to do with StriderMountain you ask? Absolutely nothing. I just happen to be a huge golf fan and the Ryder Cup is my 2nd favorite tournament. Finally, after not winning the cup since 1999, the USA took back the cup in dramatic fashion.