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The city of Detroit has cleaned up so much over the last 15 years. Here is a view from my hotel which overlooks Lake Michigan.


5th teaser for Rooftop Retreat;

the teaser shows some game play footage and some cutscene parts, but please remind that everything is still
WIP (work in progress), therefore for instance you still see the HUD in the cutscenes and probably some other
minor issues.

the weapons that can be seen are not made by me and are also not the final weapons that will be used.
i am still looking around (for instance on for some decent weapons.
should you have some that you would like to see used in this mod or know someone that has then please
contact me.


The StriderMountain YouTube Channel

We have uploaded a bunch of new videos the chronicle the “making of” StriderMountain.

3Th teaser of Rooftop Retreat;

I just finished a new map and thought it was time therefore to release a new teaser.

the size of this teaser is much bigger as usual the case is with teasers, it’s around 5 min. That is maybe much to long but personaly i always like long teasers and thats why i choose for a 5 min. teaser.

have fun,


3Th Teaser Rooftop Retreat;

here is a new teaser, the 3Th. I just finished working on the 3th map and thought it was time to show some new gameplay fotage.

everything that you see in this new teaser is from one map, the 3th one. The weapons i took from our previous sp-mod Strider Mountain and they are not the final weapons that will be used in this new mod. I just added them now so i don’t need to use the old original HL2 weapons, because those are no fun anymore to me to play with.

I am not sure yet which new weapons i will add to the final version of the mod, i am still looking around for them. So should you have any suggestion then please let me know so i can take a look at them. I am looking around on the internet, mainly on FPSBanana, what is called GameBanana these days.

have fun,



Rooftop Retreat trailer 2

New Rooftop Retreat trailer part 2. This is the second teaser movie of Spy Maps 5th Half Life2 episode 2 sp-mod.


Putting final touches to Descent

Map 13 is called Descent and here are some final fixes from Spy.

Planet Phillip PreRelease video Review

The StriderMountain PreRelease is at the 10:20 mark.
PlanetPhillip February 2009 Video Review from Planet Phillip on Vimeo.

Map 13 welding errors

Here is a bug with the welding droid in Map13

Going from Map to Another

Where one map ends is where another begins. sounds easy enough but there are many technical mapping aspects to getting it right. Here are some screens showing map triggers as ther player leaves one map and enters the next.