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3Th Teaser Rooftop Retreat;

here is a new teaser, the 3Th. I just finished working on the 3th map and thought it was time to show some new gameplay fotage.

everything that you see in this new teaser is from one map, the 3th one. The weapons i took from our previous sp-mod Strider Mountain and they are not the final weapons that will be used in this new mod. I just added them now so i don’t need to use the old original HL2 weapons, because those are no fun anymore to me to play with.

I am not sure yet which new weapons i will add to the final version of the mod, i am still looking around for them. So should you have any suggestion then please let me know so i can take a look at them. I am looking around on the internet, mainly on FPSBanana, what is called GameBanana these days.

have fun,




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