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A message from Alyx Vance

Merle is Alyx…

We contacted her..

Hello Merle,

First, let me say that we’re fans of your work as Alyx in the Half Life 2 story. Your character has changed the gaming industry and we applaud you.

My name is Tyrone Biggs and I’m on a team making a Half Life 2 modification. Our mod is called Strider Mountain and the website can be found HERE. We are about 80% completed and are now in the stages of optimizing and beta testing.

The reason I’m writing you is because I’d had a crazy idea that you might be willing to do some voice acting for our mod. Hopefully you don’t fall out of your chair when you read this!! I really can’t offer you money (mods don’t make money, they cost money to make). The only thing I can really even appeal to is your sense of “helping out” some guys trying to break into the gaming industry. If you are willing to work with us, it would set the modding community on one heck of a buzz.

I won’t go on and on here, but just ask that you consider it. If there are contractual obligations to Valve as Alyx, we could always design another character (perhaps you even have some character ideas?). Or, as a last resort, I’m making a final teaser video and you could do the voice over for it.

Either way, thanks for taking the time to read this email. We appreciate your consideration.

Best Regards,

And she kind enought to respond..

Well, thank you for the positive feedback and interest in Alyx. I’m not certain where Valve stands on these issues, but I can’t imagine they’d be excited about it.
Further, things are very busy right now. I’m afraid it won’t be possible. But very honored to be asked!



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