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Journey to the Summit: How it all Began

So, how did the let’s make a Half-Life 2 modification project get started anyway? Afterall, Leon “Spy” Brinkmann & Baltic.Forever had already teamed up on two prior mods, including Leon’s HL2 mappack (currently at 41,000 downloads) and the 15 map Coastline to Atmosphere (currently at 45,000 downloads). It was still several months prior to the release of Crysis and the chance to work with a new editor. So, in order to take advantage of the free time, we decided to work with the ever popular HL2 series.
Initially, the idea was to make it 4-5 maps as a way to learn how to work as a team. Speaking of team, it was decided to add some new material to a HL2 mod by bringing in a modeler and creative story development. The incredibly talented Cubedude89, who also developed a HL2 mod Hypercube:Source (ModDB award winner) joined as the modeler. Finally, the ever-creative owner of the PlanetPhillip website, Phillip Marlowe, completed the team to help provide storyline material. (Note: In order to be able to fully support his very popular website, Phillip had to resign from the team)
So, the team is now all set, Baltic.Forever (Team Leader), Spy (Lead Mapper), Cubedude89 (Lead Modeler), TB Biggs (Marketing) and P. Marlowe (Creative Development).
Now begins the task of putting our heads together to come up with a compelling new HL2 modification.


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